A Call to Action

by Blue Grenadines

Posted on 03/21/2024 07:26 AM


A Call to Action: Supporting Bequia's Ongoing Transformation

As you've journeyed through Bequia's vibrant and picturesque landscapes, you've likely strolled along the elegantly restored Belmont Walkway, soaked up the scenic beauty along the Princess Margaret Trail, and embraced our island community's warmth and welcoming spirit. These experiences, rich in heritage and surrounded by Bequia's natural beauty, are made possible by the unwavering efforts of Action Bequia, a beacon of resilience, innovation, and community empowerment.


About Action Bequia

Since its inception in 2011, Action Bequia has been instrumental in enhancing our island's charm and livability, ensuring that Bequia remains a pristine paradise for those who call it home and for you, our cherished guests. From revitalizing critical infrastructure like the Belmont Walkway to ensuring safe and scenic pedestrian access with the Princess Margaret Trail, Action Bequia has dedicated itself to creating and maintaining spaces that celebrate our island's unique relationship with nature and its people.

These remarkable endeavours are only a part of Bequia's ongoing journey towards a sustainable and vibrant future. Action Bequia's commitment to the island extends beyond beautification projects, stepping up in times of crisis and continuously working towards improving our communal and environmental infrastructure. This work, crucial for the island's resilience and prosperity, is sustained by the generosity of supporters who believe in our shared vision for Bequia.

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Your Support is Needed

Today, we reach out to you, our frequent visitors who have shared in Bequia's beauty and serenity, to support this vision. Your contributions can propel Action Bequia's mission forward, allowing for the continuation and expansion of projects that make our island a haven for all who visit.

A donation to Action Bequia is an investment in the island's future. It aids in maintaining the Belmont Walkway and the Princess Margaret Trail, supports our response to environmental challenges, and contributes to the overall enhancement of Bequia's infrastructure and natural beauty. Your support ensures that Bequia remains a place of joy, safety, and natural wonder for future generations.

How to Contribute

Donating to Action Bequia is simple, and every contribution, big or small, makes a significant difference. Visit Action Bequia's donation page to make your donation online. Your generosity ensures that less than 3% of donations are spent on administration and marketing, meaning your support directly benefits the island's projects and initiatives.

As you reflect on your cherished memories of Bequia and anticipate your next visit, consider your role in preserving and enhancing the island's allure. Your donation is more than a gift; it's a pledge to the sustainability, beauty, and community spirit that make Bequia special.

Together, we can continue to make Bequia a paradise for those who live here and for you, our beloved visitors, who have become part of our extended island family. Thank you for your support and love for Bequia and for considering this call to action. We look forward to welcoming you back to our shores, where the fruits of our collective labour and your generous contributions continue to thrive.