Getting to Bequia: A Journey from Saint Vincent

by Blue Grenadines

Posted on 11/25/2023 07:55 AM



Embarking on a journey to Bequia, a hidden gem in the Caribbean, begins with your arrival at Saint Vincent's Argyle International Airport. Nestled in the lush landscapes of Saint Vincent, this airport serves as the gateway to your Bequia adventure. Here's a detailed guide to help you navigate this exciting leg of your journey:


Airport Transfer from Argyle Airport to the Port

After stepping off the plane, you have two convenient options to reach the port. For a touch of luxury, an Audi Q5 is available for $60, comfortably seating three passengers. This option is perfect for those looking for a private, upscale experience. Alternatively, for a more budget-friendly and equally reliable option, a local taxi van with our trusted driver Paul can be arranged for $35. Both options promise a smooth and scenic drive through the picturesque landscapes of Saint Vincent, ensuring a comfortable transition to the next phase of your journey.


Ferry from Saint Vincent to Bequia

Ferry travel offers a delightful experience, showcasing the stunning Caribbean seascape. Two companies, Admiral and Bequia Express, provide reliable service from Kingston Port to Bequia. Operating seven days a week, these ferries offer a scenic and serene voyage, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Caribbean Sea. The ferry ride is not only a journey but an experience, with the cool sea breeze and the chance to spot marine life en route to Bequia. For UK travellers, it's important to note the scheduling nuances. Flights from the UK often land close to the evening, making it a tight race against time to catch the last ferry at 6 pm. In such instances, spending a night in Saint Vincent offers a chance to explore this vibrant island before continuing to Bequia. Alternatively, the private transfer option provides a timely and direct route to Bequia.



Private Transfer from Argyle to Bequia

Private transfers are an excellent choice for those seeking a more exclusive and direct route. We provide options such as a 32 ft power boat with splash guards accommodating up to 9 people, starting at $610, or a 42 ft fully enclosed power boat for up to 5 people, beginning at $710. This service includes a luxurious Audi Q5 transfer or a van for larger groups to the marina, where your private boat awaits. It's a seamless blend of comfort and efficiency, ensuring you reach Bequia without the constraints of ferry schedules. An additional fee of $75 applies for transfers after 6.30 pm, catering to those arriving on later flights. This service guarantees it will reach Bequia regardless of arrival time, provided sea conditions are favourable.




The Journey Experience

Traveling from Argyle Airport to Bequia is more than a transfer; it starts your Caribbean adventure. The route from the airport to the port is a visual feast, with lush green hills and quaint towns dotting the landscape. The ferry ride offers a chance to disconnect and soak in the ocean's vastness, while the private transfer adds a touch of exclusivity and control over your itinerary.

Additional Tips and Highlights for UK Travelers


  • Timing for UK Travelers: If you're travelling from the UK, you should be aware that you might not make the last ferry at 6 p.m. due to the typical flight arrival times. In this case, it is advisable to plan an overnight stay in Saint Vincent or opt for a private boat transfer.
  • Payment Method on Ferries: Remember that the ferries only accept cash, so having some local currency or USD on hand for this part of your journey is essential.
  • No Need for Ferry Bookings: Unlike many other travel services, these ferries do not require bookings. You can arrive at the port and board the next available ferry to Bequia.
  • Private Boat Transfer Benefits: Opting for a private boat offers a seamless and more controlled travel experience. This option benefits those arriving on later flights, as it ensures you can get to Bequia regardless of the ferry schedule and without needing an overnight stay in Saint Vincent.

These tips should help ensure a smooth and enjoyable start to your Bequia adventure.