Diving in Bequia

The Caribbean sea is full and rich with marine life, with many rating the diving in Bequia amongst the very best in the Caribbean.  Beneath the clear, warm waters of Bequia lie pristine coral reefs and, with over 30 dive sites, is simply heaven for divers & snorkelers.  There are 225 varieties of fish as well as Hawksbill & Green Turtles, Lobsters, Eagle Rys, Moray Eels, Sea Horses & Frog Fish.  All sites in Admiralty Bay & around the island are accessible by boat within minutes & offer superb variety including wreck, wall and drift diving.  There is more than enough to suit both beginners and experts alike.


Bequia has two registered and experienced PADI dive operators on the island that offer a full range of courses for all levels of experience. In addition to dive courses, they also offer scuba and snorkelling equipment for rent, and welcome junior divers to join the fun. If you are interested in exploring the diving delights of the beautiful Caribbean Sea, we would be more than happy to arrange this for you.