Bequia Overview

Although Bequia (pronounced Bek-way) is the second largest of the 32 Grenadine islands, it is only 7 square miles in size.  To give you an idea, London’s Heathrow Airport is slightly bigger!  End to end, it’s around 5 miles long and as little as half a mile wide at it leanest point between the Caribbean Sea of Lower Bay & Atlantic Ocean at Friendship Bay!  Keen hikers can explore the entire island during their trip, opting for leg power over vehicle rental.  Those who do opt to tackle the well-maintained (but sometimes hilly) roads with a rental vehicle are never more than a few minutes drive from their chosen destination.  This means that visitors can stay in almost any location on the island and never feel isolated.  In short, Bequia is the perfect place for those seeking solitude and that “getting away from it all” feeling, whilst still being within striking distance of the action when required.  For a small island it packs a real punch!

Bequia is renowned for idyllic & largely deserted beaches, many of which disappear into coves that are excellent for scuba diving, snorkelling & kayaking.  The centre of the island is hilly with lush, green forests, providing a dramatic backdrop to the bays and beaches. Admiralty Bay, the island's natural harbour, is a favourite anchoring spot for yachtsmen from all over the world, and here visitors can enjoy the quaint waterfront, lined with bars, restaurants, craft shops & art galleries. Isolated enough to remain relatively unspoiled, yet lively enough to be stimulating and entertaining, Bequia provides a blend of the old and new that many find perfect.  Be warned, many visitors are bitten by the Bequia bug and return time & time again!


There is an adundance of wildlife on Bequia, but nothing nasty or dangerous so rest easy!  The island has numerous birds including hummingbirds, booby birds, frigates and osprey.  If you are lucky, you may see an iguana, land turtle or manicou scurrying through the bushes.  Beneath the clear, warm waters of Bequia lie pristine coral reefs and (with over 30 dive sites including ship wrecks just off-shore) is simply heaven for divers & snorkellers.  There are 225 varieties of fish as well as Hawksbill & Green Turtles, Lobsters, Eagle Rays, Moray Eels, Sea Horses & Frog Fish.

Fast Facts

  • Bequia’s population is around 5,000
  • It is part of the country St. Vincent & the Grenadines, located in the Lesser Antilles
  • Rough distance in miles to St. Vincent (10), St. Lucia (50) Barbados (100)
  • 1898 – the date when the last hurricane hit St. Vincent & the Grenadines with full force
  • Visitors can travel the island using leg power, dollar vans or in open sided pick-up truck taxis
  • Bequia is famous for live music year-round and has its own music festival every January

The appeal of Bequia

  • No big scale resorts, shopping malls, or tourist packed beaches with annoying hawkers
  • Friendly & welcoming people who have time to wave, smile, greet & chat
  • The chance to hike a volcano, dive on pristine reefs & kayak between coves
  • Eat an abundance of fruit straight from the tree & fresh seafood and lobster from the bay
  • Listen to a variety of live music and enjoy a barefoot dancefloor made of soft sand
  • A break from commercialism, to get away from it all, & lose yourself in a book or the stars
  • A simple, unhurried lifestyle
  • Swaying palms, idyllic beaches & lush green hillsides
  • Unique experiences to create life-long memories.  The real Caribbean