Vehicle Rental & Transport

Bequia is only 7 square miles in size.  To put into context, London’s Heathrow Airport is slightly bigger!  End to end, it’s around 5 miles long and as little as half a mile wide at it leanest point between the Caribbean Sea of Lower Bay & Atlantic Ocean at Friendship Bay!  Keen hikers can explore the entire island during their trip, opting for leg power over vehicle rental.  Transport options are reliable & cost-effective on Bequia with “dollar vans” that actually cost from $1.50 (!) and open-sided pickup truck taxis offering private transport for a price agreed with the driver (full & half day island tours also possible). 

But those who do opt to tackle the well-maintained (but sometimes hilly) roads with a rental vehicle are never more than a few minutes drive from their chosen destination.  This means that visitors can stay in almost any location on the island and never feel isolated.  In short, Bequia is the perfect place for those seeking solitude and that “getting away from it all” feeling, whilst still being within striking distance of the action when required. 

Despite the island’s small size, having a rental vehicle will provide more freedom, ease and flexibility to cross the many winding roads and hills throughout the island – why not get out there & explore!  The roads on Bequia are in relatively good condition, but might seem challenging at times due to narrow passages and steep inclines. Do not let this deter you from driving on the island as drivers on Bequia are very friendly and usually drive slowly, giving way where necessary. Due to its history as a British colony, driving is on the left-hand side throughout the country and on many other Caribbean islands. Drivers holding a foreign driving license are legally required to purchase a local driving permit for a nominal cost.

There are several companies that offer car, jeep and motorbike rental for both daily and weekly rates on the island. These rates range somewhere between 40 US$ - 70 US$ per day and depend on the size and additional amenities that the vehicle may come with. We would be happy to advise in what we think would be best for you and assist in arranging the booking.